'Watershed' - an exhibition of coastal impressions in coloured beeswax by Susan Northcott

Susan Northcott has been a member of Inka Gallery since July '09 and is our very first Encaustic Artist.  We are happy to announce that Susan is having her first solo exhibition with us and wish her every success.
Encaustic painting - the use of heat to apply coloured beeswax to a surface - dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks for both practical and decorative purposes.
"In my paintings, I love to explore the use of colour and form to create striking effects that speak to different people in different ways.  By its very nature, melted wax is willful and unpredictable, but this is a large part of its charm, as it offers endless variety and spontaneity.
I am endlessly fascinated by the effects of changing light on the way the coast reveals its moods.  In this exhibition, I have tried to preserve a variety of "coastal moments" - many from Tasmania's shoreline - that have created enduring memories for me.
Why 'Watershed'?  I chose this title both to reflect the theme of the works and to acknowledge that this exhibition represents a defining moment in my life - the culmination of a personal challenge and life goal."

Susan Northcott's exhibition runs from Thursday,
28 Oct - 17 Nov 2010.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your exhibition Suze!

  2. Congratulations Susan! I'll look forward to it on Thursday:)


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