'Changes in Latitude' - An exhibition of diverse land and seascapes in acrylic by Ann Welsh

Ann Welsh joined Inka Gallery at the beginning of this year.  Her main interests are travelling and painting.  She is basically a self-taught artist with a passion for the arts.  She has only found time over the past four to five years to seriously follow her passion so she feels she has a large margin to expand and improve.  Nature and her imagination are her inspiration.

Apart from travelling and painting, Ann likes to get lost in a book and often thinks that she'll write her own one day.

Ann now lives close to her four of her eight grandchildren so is kept busy with them for now.  There is a lot that Ann would like to accomplish but still finds the time to play piano and garden.

Why the title:

"I have been fortunate enough to have travelled around Australia twice for several months.  This has played a large role in my works and also the title of my exhibition, 'Changes in Latitude'.  Some of the locals in the far north of the country refer to themselves as living above 18 or 20 degrees for most of their lives.  They refer to the latitude on the map, that they live at or above, hence the title for the exhibition.

Growing up in the wheat and sheep belt of NSW was the beginning of my passion and inspiration for the arts, particularly painting.  I would even then try to capture the ever-changing seasons on paper.  The deep, wet, crisp greens of winter.  The brighter greens of spring with the rolling hills carpeted in bright yellow daisies and the even brighter yellow fields of canola.  The dry, brittle browns of summer erupting into the glorious warm hues of rusts, reds and golds of autumn.

For many years now, I have lived near the ocean, which is also ever-changing and a great inspiration for my works.

I also believe that keeping my spirit bright and alive will help to keep my works the same.  I look greatly forward to growing in what I love to do."

Ann Welsh's exhibition runs from Thurs, 18 Nov - Wed, 8 Dec 2010