An exhibition of monoprints by Inka Member Chris Kerruish starts today...

Entitled 'The Lost History', Inka Gallery is proud to present this nostalgic exhibition of framed and unframed works.  Read a little about the artist's history and the technique that has influenced her...

The Lost History
This technique of printing was perfected by American Artist Robert Rauschenberg in the 1960’s. I am interested in history and our own personal pasts – what makes us who we are. We carry our past with us constantly, like a second skin, and in turn are both comforted and haunted by it.
The printing technique offers a faded, disintegrated quality and my images are of things that no longer exist. The house my father inherited from his Grandfather which last year burnt to the ground. A piece of chintz from my Grandmother’s couch, the last pieces of china inherited from my Great Grandmother. All are references to time passing and a world that is vanishing.
The work is printed on rice paper which has its own transient qualities.
Christine Kerruish

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Price range - $300 framed, $120 unframed

The Lost HIstory (L) SOLD                                       Still Life and Memory (R)  SOLD

SOLD (upper left)    SOLD (above)
The Lost HIstory II (Upper Left) 

'The Lost History' runs from Thursday, 18th August - 7th September. We look forward to seeing you at the "Opening" tomorrow evening at 5.30pm.

Featuring on the "black wall" are Inka Members, Belinda Graudins and Liz Salt. (click on images to enlarge)

Belinda Graudins
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Liz Salt
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We would love you to drop into Inka where you can see other artworks by these artists on the shelves.