Images from upcoming exhibition - 'Feline' by Felicity Edwards

It's only a few days away before our gallery is transformed into a feline sanctuary!
Felicity Edwards and Inka Gallery are proud to be supporting the Hobart Cat Centre  by conducting a silent auction for this gorgeous artwork entitled 'The Innocents'. (see below)
Bids of $300 and over may be registered at Inka Gallery during the exhibition.  The proud owner of this quirky pastel drawing will not only be giving these two little cats a good home, but will also be helping out in a bigger way, as all proceeds will be going to this very worthy organisation.
Read Felicity's interesting and humorous artist's statement and take a look at the many other fur-children that make up this wonderful exhibition - we're sure they would all like to go to good homes too!!
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The Innocents

Artist's Statement
A cat is a great companion in the studio and of course many artists and writers have used the cat as their subject matter. In the artist’s studio there is bound to be a sunny spot for them to curl up in, and if a distraction is needed, a crumpled piece of rejected art work can be shredded or pounced on. Cats make very good life drawing models when you need to hone your quick sketching skills, or maybe just need to loosen up a bit before tackling your latest “masterpiece in progress”.

(Pastel drawings $100 - $450)


The drawings in this exhibition are mostly comical portraits of cats that have been a part of my life. From the Ginger ‘Sphyxy’ who was my first cat as a child, through to Black ‘Max’ the feral that visits me now when it suits him. There is also ‘Silas’ the Burmese who is my constant companion now, and ‘Zooey’ the black cat that spent 20 years with me.

Anyone that has lived with cats will recognise their penchant for finding the most warm and comfortable place to sleep. This usually means on the bed or under the covers next to a warm human body. Cats have an uncanny knack of knowing when you are sick or feeling a bit down and need comforting. Stroke a cat and your stress levels are lowered. Cats are quite happy to spend all day in bed with you, and will also let you know when it is time for you to get out of bed.

The Cat's Pyjamas   sold
Felines and females have a special simpatico. Women that choose a cat as a pet over a dog have to overcome a lot of bad press. Being a single female of a certain age and owning a cat is seen by some people as being a bit sad. Is it a child substitute “fur child”, or maybe a partner substitute?  If you have more than one cat the label of, “Crazy cat lady” that collects strays, comes to mind.

Possy Puss
I like to think females empathise with the way cats are just happy to live in the moment. You can’t make a cat do what it doesn’t want to do. We admire their independent nature, but they also have the endearing ability to nurture.

A female friend said to me once that, a man that likes cats can’t be all bad. I think this goes both ways as cats are usually a pretty good judge of character. I think if you are male and cats like you then you must be ok. You can’t fake it with a cat, they are not easily bribed. You are either a cat person or not, there’s no in between. There will always be a special bond that exists between females and cats; this exhibition is a celebration of that bond.

Catnap  sold


Comfort Zone
Peek-a-boo  sold
Siesta, Nude & Cat
Heatpad  sold

Scarey Cat      sold

Sweet Dreams     sold

Exhibition runs from Thursday, 29th September - 19th October.  "Opening", Friday, 30th September at 5.30pm.

Inka Gallery, 16/77 Salamanca Place, Hobart, Tasmania 
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