Opening of 'Feline' by Felicity Edwards held on Friday, 30th September, 2011

What a purr-fect evening for the 'opening' of Felicity Edward's Exhibition!  Once again squeezing everyone into our little gallery space!


and featuring on the 'black wall' are Inka Members Rachel Ireland-Meyers and Margaret McAteer...

L. Rachel Ireland-Meyers                R. Margaret McAteer


We're looking forward to Rachel's exhibition which goes up in just six week's time...we'll keep you posted.
To view both Rachel's and Margaret's other works go to or drop into the gallery to see their works on the shelves.
'Feline' runs until 19th October...don't forget to make a bid on the 'silent auction'!  All proceeds going to the Hobart Cat Centre.


  1. Well worth a visit... if you love Felicity Edwards' nudes you will love her felines and femmes..


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