Opening of 'Drawn to the Detail' by Emma McDowell

There were lots of new faces, as well as our lovely regulars, to be seen at the 'opening' of 'Drawn to the Detail' by artist Emma McDowell on Friday evening! 
They were all there to join in the celebration of her first solo exhibition.  Meticulous is the only word to describe Emma's detailed pencil drawings of old stone buildings which include a 'Storage Door' in Wooby's Lane, Salamanca, 'Steps at St.David's Park', Hobart and the 'Uniting Church' in Ross.
Her exhibition has turned out to be very successful with many works being sold in the first two days! 
To find out which artworks have been sold, see previous post.

And featuring on the 'black wall' are Inka Members, Lisa Maroney and Kate Pieukutowski.

Lisa Maroney (L)                                            Kate Pieukutowski (R)

Lisa Maroney                    SOLD

Kate Pieukutowkski

To view Lisa's and Kate's works on the black wall and to see more of their artworks on the shelves, why not drop into the gallery. 
We are also looking forward to their first solo exhibitions with us in 2012 - we'll keep you posted!

'Drawn to the Detail' runs until 21st December.  See images from exhibition in previous post below...