Images from upcoming exhibition 'Cryptid Creatures of the Wildwoods' by Inka Member Belinda Graudins...

This will be Belinda's first solo exhibition with Inka and we're looking forward  to meeting the quirky folk from 'Cryptid Creatures of the Wildwoods'  that starts this Thursday!
We hope you can join us at the opening on Friday, 27th April, at 5.30pm.  All Welcome!
                                                      Yarck                Ink, pen and biro   $675
Artist Statement
A creature whose existence may be suggested, though very unlikely is known as a cryptid creature.
Here is a collection of the improbable and strange creatures that could be found deep within the wildwoods of the forest, or of the mind.
Perhaps there could even be a 'cryptid creature' lurking inside us all!

A combination of pigment ink pen, biro and colour pencil have been used to bring these unusual creatures ouf of the wild.

Price range:  $400 - $675
                                                       Koen            biro and colour pencil  $400
                                                           Viveash        ink pen and colour pencil  $450
                                             Crosby         ink pen and biro  $675
                                                               Allegra          biro and coloured pencil    $400

                                                           Zarlah       ink pen and colour pencil  $450

                                                                Siamak                biro and colour pencil  $400
                                                         Kendrick                 ink pen and biro  $675

                                                              Ancient Flow      ink, pen and colour pencil   $500

                                               Ecclestone              biro and colour pencil $400
The exhibition runs from Thursday, 26th April - 16th May.