Images from upcoming exhibition 'Gone Fishing' by Carolyn Audet

After a very successful exhibition with Inka last year, we are looking forward to another exhibition of Salty Sea Tales entitled 'Gone Fishing' by past Inka member Carolyn Audet.  
These small works of art include ships, fishing boats and the odd luxury liner, created from vintage linoleum and other found objects and will be adorning our white walls in just a few days.   Here's just a sneek-peak!

Artist Statement

(Linoleum is a floor covering patented in England in 1863 by Frederick Walton – and the composition has stayed virtually unchanged today. He apparently got the idea from seeing

the oxidised linseed oil that forms a skin on the surface of a tin of paint.)
I have been gathering vintage linoleum for the last 20 years, and have used a large variety of them in several shows.
The shapes I choose seem to evoke the period in which I was born (1957), and a simpler time, of driving a long way to Grannies, of her floor full of delightful flowers, shiny, comforting.....
In my latest solo show, 'Gone Fishing' I've used the theme of boats - of all shapes and types, upon the seas, giving a longing, a desire to float, be transient, fluid, to be free, away from the earth, to be going 'somewhere'!
They are full of memory, small details, colours, shapes, evoking glimpses of our story.
I hope you enjoy.
Carolyn Audet

Price range:  $280 - $480





To look more closely at these funky boat assemblages, come along to the opening on Friday, 20th July at 5.30pm.  Or drop in and see the exhibition which starts Thursday, 19th July - 8th August.

Just a reminder, if  you can't get into the gallery and you see anything you like, we do ship interstate and overseas! 

e. or t. 03 6223 3663.  Gallery opening hours: Mon - Sat 10-4, Sun 11.30-3.