Images from 'A Depiction of a Romantic' by Kate Piekutowski coming soon...

We are looking forward to 'A Depiction of a Romantic' by Inka Member Kate PiekutowskiJust back from an art residency in Europe, this will be Kate's first solo exhibition with Inka since joining nearly a year ago.  She has proven to be one of our most popular artists and already has a huge following! Here is just a sneak preview of some of her beautiful works that will be appearing in her exhibition.  Starts this Thursday...

          Painting a Parisian Dream   sold
   600 x 1000mm  $620

Artist Statement

   A romantic, in a modern context, has numerous meanings.  One could associate this term with love, fiction, idealism and even a desire for adventure.  However, I do not want these misconceptions to be associated with my work.  Although one may perceive ideals of beauty, this portfolio represents rather melancholia towards Polish culture and history.

Influenced by the Romantic era of the mid-nineteenth century, these images explore the justposition between lightness and darkness from both a metaphorical and physical perspective.  They reflect on my Polish heritage and a wistful desire to return to a former time and homeland.  Through this traditional technique of intaglio combined with contemporary mediums, it has been my aim to find a cultural identity, where travel has become my foundation for both survival and inspiration.

Kate Piekutowski

Multi-layered etchings (framed)
Price range $495-$1300
   Ruby Shoes #1 sold
 500 x 700mm   $495

 Dreaming of Venezia  
 600 x 700mm  $550

 A Fragmented History sold
  600 x 700mm   $550

      Ruby Shoes #2  sold 
   500 x 700mm  $495

      Ruby Shoes #3  sold
      500 x 700mm  $495
   (no image available)

     Home is where the heart is
       500 x 700mm  $495 sold
  (No image available)

 A Cage of Memories 
         500 x 700mm  $495 sold
  No image available) 

The exhibition runs from 9th - 29th August.   Don't miss the opening this Friday, 10th August at 5.30pm!
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