Images from 'Vivid' - an exhibition of small canvases by Anna Blatman...

We welcome back Melbourne artist Anna Blatman to Inka Gallery.  
Anna had her first solo exhibition, 'Loved up Colour', with us back in April, 2011, after stumbling across our gallery while on holiday in Tassie.  She thought Inka was the perfect space to showcase her colourful little works and her exhibition proved to be very successful!

So, it's with great pleasure we present Anna's latest exhibition 'Vivid' - a collection of brightly coloured acrylics on canvas.  Showcasing nature in all her glory with pots of daisies, quirky birds, lily ponds, villas and much much more...there's sure to be one (or maybe two, three or four) that will brighten up your day!

Here are just a few examples to whet your appetite...
                              magnolia #2                    $150   sold
Artist Statement

Nature has been very good to me over the years; this year in particular I am noticing the most beautiful colours of the magnolia trees.  I can't help but stare and take in their beauty. When I am painting in the studio I can recall the tones and I have had a lot of fun mixing paint to imitate what I have seen. 

Anna Blatman

Acrylic on canvas 
20cm x 25cm  $150    25cm x 35cm  $190

                                           villa #3                   $150      sold

                      yellow vase                $150    sold

                                           red vase                     $150   sold

              favourite bird             $150

                                          spring                        $150   sold 

                          pink blooms                  $150

                                    white jug                   $150   sold

                                    red bird                         $150

                              pink daisies                  $150  sold

                                    poppies                       $150   sold

                               white house                  $190
                                         willow tree                  $190        sold

                                             big poppies                          $190   sold

                        silver blooms                  $150

                          sunny daisies                      $150

                               yellow jonquils                     $150
                          yellow daisies               $150    sold

                                        orange tree                  $150   sold

                               yellow asters                       $150
                              white jonquils                 $150  sold

                            villa #2                   $150

                          purple bird                 $150

                                     iris house                   $190   sold

                                   hydrangeas                        $150

                                 blue bird                         $150

                          amy's garden               $150

                                  golden                $150    sold

                                villa #4                $150  sold

                                 serenity               $150  sold

                                   baby bird                $150  sold
The exhibition runs from 20th September - 10th October, 2012
See anything you like, we can pack and send!
Contact us e: or t: 03 6223 3663
Gallery hours: 10 - 5 Mon-Sat  11.30 - 3 Sun.
Better still, pop down to the gallery to see this stunning exhibition starting thisThursday... we're at Shop16/77 Salamanca Place, Hobart in the heart of the arts precinct!