Carol Rowland's exhibition Layers & Illusions will be in the gallery from thursday the 14 february until wednesday 6 March.

My journey into art began 10 years ago, in N.S.W. My first venture involved a short silk painting course. Instantly, my love affair with colour began. I was fascinated, as the colours merged and blended,  often  in quite unpredictable ways. This presented the next challenge, learning how to manipulate these colours. Like a person obsessed, I worked at a frantic pace for the next two years, focusing on wearable art.
My desire to do paintings on silk,  was the catalyst for me to join a local watercolour class. Over a two year period, my understanding and love  for  this  medium  developed. Five years later, I gradually added other mediums to my work. I experimented,  concentrating  on developing  unusual  effects, achieved by pouring, mixing, subtracting, layering and juxtaposing these mediums. The challenge of creating something “outside the square”, something   unusual and somewhat unpredictable, really excited me.
 In recent times my focus has shifted from realistic images, more to creating a mood to interpret the image. Some paintings begin with no fixed ideas, revealing themselves as I progress. I enjoy creating an element requiring the viewer to put their interpretation on the subject matter. My passion for the beauty of nature , colour and movement , are a constant influence in my work.
In “Layers & Illusions” I have aimed to illustrate the diversity that can be achieved, working in multiple layers and in various mediums. I have chosen to work on silk, canvas and paper this time. To do this has involved using dyes, watercolour, acrylic skins and inks, occasionally enhanced with special effects. This has thrown up many challenges, but the journey into these areas has inspired me to continue developing with “experimental art”  I trust you enjoy viewing these paintings, as much as I have, creating them.
I feel, starting to paint later in life, has provided the impetus to be bolder and more adventurous, with my art. I look forward to continuing this journey of discovery.

These are only some of the images from Carol Rowland's exhibition Layers & Illusions, visit the gallery to see more.

Autumn Symphony

Fantasy Forest

                The Gilded Lily       SOLD

Winter Morn

Strata Splendour

                                Fragile                       SOLD