Our next exhibition is Oversaturated and Overexposed an exhibition of oil paintings by inka member Ann Menezies from the 22 August till 11 September. 
Everyone is welcome to the opening on friday 23 August at 5.30 pm

Ann’s paintings are a playful look at trees from the local environment, mostly from our Hobart Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.  She works from black and white photographs which emphasize the structure of the trees and allow her to add her own interpretation of colour.  She changes the light meter and other camera settings knowing that this will influence her colour choices and painting style in the studio.  She is interested in how the trees are illuminated by the angle of the sun and also how their strong archetypal structure works as a vehicle for her numerous colour ideas.   

When she begins her paintings she feels like Mondrian noting the structure and form of the trees. As she continues, she is more like Klimt with his pointilist strokes and the flat pattern-like approach used in his many renditions of trees in the landscape. 

The works in this exhibition fall generally into two categories, overexposed or over saturated.  Over saturated referrers to the strong colours she uses. IShe loves the vibrancy and variations she can achieve from mixing up the primary oil colours in her palette. The overexposed paintings are much more toned down. She uses her overexposed photographs and explores the many variations of grey she can get with the same primary palette. 

She is constantly experimenting.  Picasso said, "God is only really another artist. He invented the giraffe,  elephant and the cat.  He has no real style.  He just goes on trying other things."  She like to create images which interest her while she is making them, not just with the finished product. 

These are some of Ann's works that will be at inka gallery from 22 August till 11 September.

Silver Tree
oil on canvas SOLD

Saturated with Red
oil on canvas

Dappled Landscape
oil on canvas

Saturated with Cream and Candy
oil on canvas SOLD

oil on canvas

Saturated with Yellow
oil on canvas SOLD