inka gallery presents
Seeing red……

A series of acrylic paintings by inka member Jane Holmes

RED is the theme rather than the subject.
What is it about the colour RED?
Conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare.
Red Royalty, grandeur, success, power, Red is hot and stop.
Red is cupid and red is the devil.
In some countries – red denotes purity, joy and celebration.
Red is the colour of happiness and prosperity in China, used to attract good luck.
First inspiration for this exhibition was the much debated Red Awnings of Hobart Murray street. Then I started looking for other red awnings. 
After doing the fine detailed pen and Ink drawings, I sometimes have the urge to take out the paint brushes and splash colour around.
I have always loved antiques, old things, textures, reflections, which are here on display.
I hope you enjoy as much as I did creating them.
Jane Holmes

A series of paintings, acrylic on canvas. 
French Chair
          Alone      SOLD

Antique Light

Ball and Chain

Barcelona Lamp


       Early Morning    SOLD

Pomegranates 1

Pomegranates 2

Red Awning 1

Red awning 2

Red Door


Rip those Red Awnings Down  SOLD

Room with a view