Tina Curtis Exhibition Wink

Exhibition Review
by Tina Curtis

Wink, an exhibition by Tina Curtis featuring our feathered avian friends and neighbours. Ten square panels of Bird portraits, each with its own unique expression, seem to gaze, wink, peer and peruse visitors to the gallery from their perches on the wall. Each has a very different personality and its own story to tell, there is the shy and bashful Cape Barren Goose,  the cheeky and gregarious cockatoo: then there is the wicked glint in a the eye of the whip bird and the spaced-out astonishment of the Boobook owl.

The process of their creation is a story in itself. Initially the birds are drawn by hand with pastel on paper then digitally enhanced. These augmented pastel drawings are significantly enlarged, printed and mounted onto aluminium panels. The effect is simple and precise, with original textures, intensity of colours and details of pastel drawings remaining , yet they have a robust and durable surface.

The images are accompanied by sound. An ipad allows the viewers to hear and see animated movements of the birds - great fun! Wink is visually exciting and aesthetically satisfying , with the added dimensions of sound and movement makes it a multi - dimensional experience. So come into Inka  Gallery for a unique and uplifting encounter with some amusing avian friends: its even informative. The exhibition continues until 2nd July.

The Black Wall features the work of Felicity Edwards and Margaret McAteer. Felicity's eccentric felines are once again frolicking in their highly patterned and coloured domestic environments, with their unsettling perspectives, menacing the birds on the opposite wall. Margaret's politically incorrect screen-prints always give unconventional insights into social/cultural structures with very amusing and succinct turn of phrase.
Deb St Leger


by Tina Curtis


Inka Artists on the Black Wall
Felicity Edwards and Margaret McAteer
Until 30th June

My Chair
Felicity Edwards
Pastel Drawing 

Under Wraps
Felicity Edwards
Pastel Drawing

The Visitor

Felicity Edwards
Pastel Drawing

Margaret McAteer

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