Wild Poppies in abstract

Wild Poppies in abstract

By John Karafyllis



“Wild Poppies in abstract” is John Karafyllis’s latest exhibition at Inka Gallery. The oil paintings are large and lively canvases filling the space with vibrant colour and energy. John’s expressive use of colour and texture have  been employed in a variety of styles, from the gentle and wistful “Endless Love” with the large orange petals, like an elaborate layered dress, hanging languidly in strong light, while a bud is ready to burst from its green pod. In contrast “The Three Musketeers” are rampaging wild and free across a large canvas, in an overgrown field of vivid red impasto poppies, all windblown and backlit by a golden light. ”Martha”, “Mary” and “Melody of Love” are a stylistic departure for John. These works have a stillness and flatness like stained glass windows with sensitive modulated backgrounds in muted colours. There are other works showing John’s ability to layer tone, texture and colour into elaborate creations, a wild mix of talent, imagination and creativity.

“Wild Poppies” continues until September 3 so come into Inka Gallery and experience something on the wild side!


Deb St Leger

August 2014