Lana Nelson's "Open to Illumination" October 17- November 6 2014


 "Garden Party"

 "Jazz Club"

 "Pink Pendant"


 "Red Velvet Candelabra"


  Lana has explored the theme of candelabra through acrylic paintings, photography and pigment prints on handmade paper.
"I have always loved candelabra- the variety of their form and the gamut of their function: their purest function of illumination; their cultural,  ceremonial and symbolic roles;  as objects of beauty.
Historically, dating back to as early as 400 BC, candelabras have been and continue to be used in ceremonies of religious (Jewish Menorah) and cultural significance (weddings, parties, anything) in addition to their  decorative, illuminating and aesthetic functions.
The works in this exhibition were inspired by a photograph taken at The Red Velvet Lounge in Mary St Cygnet and through the processes of painting, digital editing and printing on a variety of substrates this single shot of a candelabra has been transposed into a variety of images.

As is usual for my art practice, when I am nearing the completion of a body of work I begin to understand the almost subconscious inspiration for it. I find something very feminine in the form of the candelabra and something representative of nurture in the out- reaching arms and open handed gesture of the candle supports. I see  something timeless, abiding, enduring and giving in the candelabra’s ability to provide for our practical and aesthetic needs; its ability to cast light on a dark room illuminating  both its physical and spiritual companions."

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