Anna Maria Place; "A Place Around Tassie"

"Arched Vista, Richmond"
oil on canvas $580

"From Mt Nelson and Beyond"
oil on canvas $480

Geranium Maderense"
oil on canvas $750

"On the Circus, Battery Point"
oil on canvas $295

"Moody Huon River"
oil on canvas $240

""Kunyani's Vigil over the Battery"
oil on canvas $295

"St David's Park, Hobart"
oil on canvas $295

"Window of Opportunity"
oil on canvas $480

"Gazing on Glaziers Bay"

Pastel Sunset Study #1 at Helms Cove"
oil on canvas $480

"Pastel Sunset Study #2 at Helms Cove"
oil on canvas $480

As a new resident of Tasmania, my wish, particularly for this exhibition, is to take the viewer on my own visual journey as seen through my “eyes” of newness and awe, of this amazing new landscape.   I wanted to feel like a tourist and take others who are only visiting on a vacation through my landscapes.

I spend as much time as possible in nature, watching and studying the creation of such spectacularly simple but at the same time complex scenery.  I am always stimulated and motivated to the replication of bringing such delight onto the canvas.    Asking myself, always the question, “do you think you can bring this image onto the canvas?”   Even if the answer is “no”, I will still go ahead, surprising myself of the ever achievable through belief in oneself.

As a self-taught artist, I apply, oil colours very sparingly, using an almost watercolour style, relying on the opacity and natural luminosity of the oils to create the visual effects of extreme dimensions within my work. With each piece created, I endeavor to take the viewer on a visual story tale through visions of familiarity and comfort, from the landscape that is nature all around us. This creation on the canvas comes about as spontaneous; meaning, I do not sketch, nor under-paint, relying once again on spontaneity of creativity to create the subject matter on the canvas to be an experience of visual wonder.  

From the time I could hold a pencil, I have been drawing and painting to some degree and consequently, I consider the brush to be a perfect extension of my hand, in absolute union with my creative mind.


  1. Each one is more beautiful than the one before.


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