"Finding a Place" Pastel Paintings by Stephanie Parkyn 29th January- 18th February

35 x 46 cm

58 x 84 cm

"Town Belt" 
45 x 30 cm

"St George against the Mountain"
62 x 42 cm

"Finding Your Way"
51 x 70 cm

"Every Town has an Elizabeth"
57 x 42 cm

"Edge of Suburbia"
34 x 45 cm

"Built Up"
65 x 45 cm

The title for this exhibition came, quite literally, when I was finding a place to live in Launceston after leaving Hobart in 2014. This unsettling resettling process lends itself to closer examination of the urban environment and our place in it. In the hillslopes of both Hobart and Launceston, the tension between wild bush and tamed gardens is evident. In our townscapes we seek order and control. From the moment that the first colonial fence posts were put into the ground, the concept of wilderness was born, creating an illusion of separation between human society and its environment.

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