"Flux" acrylic paintings by Deborah St Leger June 25th -July 15th

150 x 90cm $1500 
 "Sailing on the Derwent #6"
105 x 105cm $1800
 "Ebb and Flow"
90 x 150cm $1200
60 x 50cm $420

183 x 90cm $1800

Flux is abstract and semi-abstract work with its genesis in my weaving drawings. Acrylic painting however require a layering technique where colour and shape become important. Taking the idea of flowing water, I have created a visual equivalent which suggest the movement of water. I have gradually added other images and shapes in the form of boat hulls, sails, whales and fish. Space becomes ambiguous and lines and shapes create the sense of pattern and movement. My idea was to convey the notions of being on, in or under the water. In my last work "Leviathan" the whale has become the central motif.

Deb St Leger

June 2015