"A Curious Menagerie" paintings by Alicja Boyd

 "Elephant Ride"
"Mr Abbott"
 "The Queen of Butterflies"
"The Wading Forest"

This is my first solo exhibition since 2012, marking the return to Inka Gallery as a member after a year away dedicated to travel and pursuit of other interests.
I have always worked in figurative style and the images are derived mostly from my imagination.  I started my artistic career in Poland crafting colourful wooden birds and other ornaments in the tradition of local folk-art with a hint of surrealism.  This time I am, in a way, returning to my "roots" presenting  my make-believe animal stories  with paint on canvas.
 I usually leave the meaning open to viewer’s interpretation, and this body of work is no different.

I am a member of the Inka Gallery,  artist co-operative in Salamanca Place and Hunter Island Press, organisation of Tasmanian printmakers. 
Alicja Boyd.