Some images from current Exhibition - 'Water and Air' by Carolyn Audet




Artist Statement:
These assemblages are inspired and constructed using vintage linoleums from the 1950-70s and have been collected from a variety of homes in Tasmania.  The lino itself evokes memory of childhood, of being at grandmother's house, of comfort and love.
I have constructed the individual pieces into shapes and silhouettes to form two groupings, each using similar materials and found objects of the era.  Both groups convey a similar essence of 'freedom' - one 'manmade', the other 'nature'.
Both Bird and Boat themes have been an ongoing interest in my sculpture and in my etchings.  The shapes of these forms, I find most pleasing to the eye.
The 'linos' are getting harder to find and I wanted to capture them and showcase them in another form, showing the sweet sense of 'antiquity' and shaping them into other delicate 'paintings' whilst keeping their integrity intact.

To view more of Carolyn's linoleum assemblages, visit her exhibition on now at Inka Gallery, Salamanca Place from 24 March - 13 April 2011


  1. Congratulations Carolyn I see that they are selling like hot cakes ;) Cheers Felicity


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