An interview with Inka Member Chris Kerruish

What made you choose to become a member of Inka Gallery?
Inka always looked so inviting everytime I walked past.  I had been considering joining other co-ops but as my passion is print-making, Inka seemed the more natural choice.  Lots of wall space and other artists with the same passions.

How long have you been creating art and how did you get started?
I have been creating art ever since I can remember.  I grew up with a potter for a mother and many aunts and uncles who painted.  I longed to be able to create beautiful pictures as they did.  I didn't really begin to take it seriously and start to sell my work until about twelve years ago.

Describe your workspace and your creative process
My work space is a bit of a joke.  I have a large dusty shed and a kitchen table. I alternate between the two.  Usually, cold days in the kitchen and warm days in the shed with the dog at my feet, the cat on the holey old couch and the door wide open. I must defend myself here by pointing out that  Margaret Olley only ever worked in her kitchen or lounge room.
Sometimes, I can wake up with an idea and have to work on it straight away, other times, an idea can be in the back of my head for months until it finally resolves itself into an artwork in its own right.  Usually, once the idea is there, it goes quickly or not at all.  I do work every- day and sometimes, to the chagrin of my family, forget to cook tea because I am so involved in a painting or print. 

Do you have a favourite subject and medium?
I say my passion is print-making - more specifically lino cuts,  but I did love lithography when I was studying print-making.  Recently I have been painting and am studying painting at Art School.  It's that old childhood longing to be able to paint properly.  Print-making has many processes, I find painting is a much more direct art, just you, a brush, the paper, board or canvas and colours, beautiful colours!
I don't have a favourite subject, but somehow, flowers and vines, birds, leaves and natural themes do find their way into my work.

What other creative talents do you have besides producing your artworks?
I don't consider myself to be particularly skilled, but it is something that I love and am compelled to do.  I would say that my particular talents lie more in ideas and any of my old school teachers would have told you that my talent was day dreaming!.  I have worked in the past as a television producer and copy writer and have had short stories published.  I once won a segment of the ABC short story competition.  I also enjoy working with clay and have a stall at Salamanca market every Saturday which I share with my mother (a potter and doll maker) and my sister (a silversmith).  I make a range of earthenware tiles suitable for the kitchen and garden as well as children's door plaques.  I have also written and illustrated a children's story which I sold on my stall.  There may be a second edition happening in the future.
You have been with Inka for nearly a year, what do you think you've gained from being part of a co-operative?
I love working in the gallery.  Looking at everyone else's work is always a thrill and working with other artists is a constant source of inspiration.

Come into the gallery and see more beautiful artworks by Chris Kerruish and also keep an eye out for her first solo exhibition with Inka later on this year!