An interview with new Inka Member Lisa Maroney

We are pleased to welcome new member Lisa Maroney to the gallery.  To find out about her creative background, please read the interview below...

What made you choose to become a member of Inka Gallery?
I was introduced to Inka by Chris Kerruish, and was immediately impressed with the quality of the work from the members and the professional presentation of the gallery.

How long have you been creating art and how did you get started?
I have always been creative, and have a strong need to create.  I have taught fine embroidery for 20 years, and stitch with a group one afternoon a week.  Although embroidery is a different medium to painting and drawing, many of the same colour and design principles overlap. I was a keen painter in my school days, and have picked up the brushes again in the last ten years. I am presently studying Fine Art at UTAS.

Describe your workspace and your creative process
Inspiration comes from a of variety sources.  It may be from something I have grown in the garden, or seen in my travels, and an idea is triggered in my mind, I start to sketch roughly and then narrow down exactly what I want to portray.
I have a warm and sunny studio at the end of the verandah at the front of my house.  The natural light and comfortable surroundings help the creative process enormously.  Rufus, our Cairn Terrier is never far away, watching at all times.

Do you have a favourite subject and medium?
My favourite subject to work with is usually something from nature.  Flowing forms of plants feature often in my work, and I often add bugs and insects for interest.  Usually, my favourite subject is the one I’m currently thinking about, and that could be places, animals or nature.  Oil Paint is my favourite medium, but I also use acrylic, watercolour, ink and pastels at times.

Do you have other creative talents besides your art?
Embroidery mentioned earlier has been a large part of my creativity.  
Photography helps my painting, and gardening and cooking also feature in my everyday life.

What do you hope to gain from being a member of Inka Gallery?
I am very pleased to have joined Inka, and hope to gain satisfaction from selling my works through the gallery and working with the other artists within the co-op.

Lisa is currently sharing the "black" wall  in the gallery with our other new member Julian Halls and has on display some beautiful works which will remain there until the 6th of July (see a sneak peak of artworks in previous post below!)  Lisa also has several  small works on canvas board displayed on our white shelves so please come in and have a look!