An interview with new member Julian Halls

We warmly welcome Julian to our gallery.  To find out more about him, please read his interview below.....

What made you choose to become a member of Inka Gallery?
It was on the recommendation of a former member, Carolyn Audet, who had many positive things to say about the structure and efficient way in which Inka is run.  Also, Inka is well situated with a good passing parade of (hopefully) cashed up art lovers.

How long have you been creating art and how did you get started?
Both my parents were artists, so you could say I've always been 'at it'.

Do you have a favourite subject and medium?
As far as my subject matter is, I keep returning again and again to the imagined portrait. These days I paint in acrylics for health reasons and because it dries quickly.

What or who inspires your artwork?
I find inspiration for my work from a broad range of artists, both early and contemporary.  I look at as many artworks as possible so as to be better informed.  If anything, I've constantly been drawn to the Sydney artists of the 40's and 50's whom Robert Hughes, the arts writer, dubbed "The Sydney Charm School".  And very charming they are.

What other creative talents do you have besides your artworks?
I'm a published author with many years experience writing for television, the stage and radio.

What do you hope to gain from being a member of Inka Gallery?
I think Inka is ideally placed in Salamanca and can offer me a wider audience than other larger galleries.  I also like the idea of having some of my art permanently on display and being able to talk about it to customers when it is my turn to 'sit' the gallery.

We look forward to seeing some of Julian's artworks featuring on our "black wall" in a week's time.