Images from upcoming exhibition 'Blue' by Inka Members...

What do you think of when you see the colour blue?  The sky and the ocean?  Or the calmness and tranquility associated with this?
On the colour wheel, blue is a primary colour falling between green and violet with many shades inbetween.  In advertising, the colour blue is often used to indicate cleanlinesss.
Blue is also heavily used in everyday language, "out of the blue", "blue in the face", "true blue", "feeling blue"...the list goes on.
We hope you enjoy our exhibition and the members' interpretation of the word 'Blue'...
                                  Variations in Blue               Ann Menezies
                                               Blue Grenadier              Holly Webber

                                         Untitled                   Melissa Mackey   SOLD

                                  It Takes Blue   Stephanie Parkyn
                                                      Margaret McAteer

                                    Untitled                 Alicja Boyd

                                                             Blue Cheese                  Lisa Moroney     SOLD

                                     Into the Blue     Chris Kerruish       SOLD

                                                       Blue Wren Carrying Lace     Kate Piekutowski   SOLD

                                             Out of the Blue                Felicity Edwards

                                                     Karen Armstrong

                                White Tulips on Blue            Tina Burman

                                                                 Rachel Ireland-Meyers

                                      Blue Chair          Olivia Moroney

Exhibition runs until Wednesday, 22nd February, 2012