An Interview with new member Olivia Moroney

We would like to welcome new member Olivia Moroney to Inka Gallery.  Olivia has only been with Inka since the beginning of December 2011 and already she has thrown herself into all aspects of helping out in the gallery!
Why not pop down to see her quirky drawings in graphite and charcoal on display on the shelves! 
What made you choose to become a member of Inka Gallery?
As I am currently studying at UTAS Art school.  In my second year. I felt it was a good way to be able to sell some of my work and to gain knowledge in the commercial side of the art world.

What is your background and how did you get started?
I studied in Hobart and always had an interest for art from an early age.  At school,  I really started to understand what art was really about and I slowly started to love it more and more.  I began first with looking at painting and drawings.  I also gained knowledge from my mother and also my secondary school art teacher who had a great knowledge of art history. She later was my Year 12 teacher for Art Appreciation.
Which other artists and areas of life inspire your artwork?
I think for me everyday life is inspiring to my work and is the basis for my image making.  I have always loved scenes of the everyday and how artists represent this through their work.
What is your favourite subject matter and medium?
My favourite subject would be different objects and collected objects.  I love using charcoals and graphite,  I also like to use gouache in my works for colour as well.  

Do you have other creative talents besides producing artworks?
No. None really.  It’s art for me.

What do you hope to gain by being a part of Inka Gallery?
I hope to gain knowledge in the commercial art world by seeing how a gallery is run and organised as this is something I hope to do in the future.

We look forward to seeing some more of Olivia's work that will feature on the 'black wall' in early April....we'll keep you posted!