An interview with new member Susan Parsons...

We would like to welcome Susan Parsons to Inka Gallery.  Susan joined Inka at the beginning of January and we wish her a long and successful time with us.  Read about her interesting and varied background together with examples of her stunning paintings...

What  made you choose to become a member of Inka Gallery? 
Two friends who are also members of Inka Gallery mentioned to me that there may be a place available. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get experience in the running of a gallery, a good place to show and hopefully sell some of my work and to mix with and learn from other artists.
What is your background and how did you get started? 
My background is in farming, tourism and nursing and my main hobbies were sewing and gardening.
When I was a small child I painted a blue cow but my parents were horrified that I would paint something that wasn’t true to colour. There ended a budding artistic career and my life took a very different path until I enrolled at Art School at the grand old age of 62. During my first year I chose a wide range of electives and eventually settled on painting as my major. I am now in third year at Art School and hope to graduate with Bachelor of Fine Arts at the end of 2012.

Which other artists and areas of life inspire your artwork? 
My husband is a traditional landscape painter and through him I developed an interest in the art world. My art education really only began three years ago; prior to that my knowledge of any particular artists was virtually non-existent so I have been on a steep learning curve. Tasmanian artists who inspire me are Richard Wastell, David Keeling, Jonathan Kimberley, Neil Haddon and Mary Scott. 

What is your favourite subject matter and medium? 
My particular interests lie in the natural world and I am exploring different ways to present nature in my work. With a farming background I am very interested in the impact of European influence on the Tasmanian landscape. With my love of gardening I am observant of the minutiae of plant life. Both areas are currently providing me with subject matter.

Until recently I painted in acrylic but have recently switched to oil. I like the quick drying time with acrylic but prefer to work with oil as it is more forgiving and manoeuvrable.

Do you have other creative talents besides producing artworks? 
As already mentioned, I am a keen gardener and have been a practical dressmaker all my adult life. Since the advent of digital cameras photography plays a big part in my life and is an invaluable tool for painting reference.

What do you hope to gain by being a part of Inka Gallery?
Already I am inspired by the work and commitment of other members. I hope that my work will progress and develop as I keep an eye on what is happening in the art world through the Inka window. It will be very nice if I am able to sell some of my paintings through the Gallery.

Susan's artworks will be featuring on the 'black' wall in the next few months.  We'll keep you posted... but in the meantime come into the gallery and see her many varied artworks on the shelves.

Our exhibition 'Blue' continues until Wednesday, 22nd February 2012.  See previous posts to view images.


  1. It amazes me how great art is in the hands of the talented. What a great Gallery. The art is so fresh.


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