Images from 'Mélange de deux' by Ian A. Hawkins and Dominique Oberhauser

Our upcoming exhibition has a historical influence as we step back in time with a 'Mixture of Two' - the translation for the title of works by two like-minded friends Ian A. Hawkins and Dominique Oberhauser. 

'French Letters' by Ian A. Hawkins, is a body of mounted works embellished with found images and objects, silver and gold leaf and gouache on A4 envelopes sent from France - past and present. 'Lumières from Siena'  by Dominique Oberhauser, is a collection of framed miniatures, which are created using gold leaf, pigments and gouache, drawing inspiration from illuminated choir books from the 16th Century. 

Together they bring you 'Mélange de deux'.

Artist's Statement - Ian A. Hawkins
'French Letters' is a tongue-in-cheek take on "Wish you were here" letters, sent by visitors (pilgrims, travellers and tourists) of different epoques and eras, from locations in France.  Executed in styles reminiscent of amulets, votive pictures and talismans from Gothic, Medieval and the High Renaissance, to the 20th century, then posted back to Tasmania using the convenience of modern airmail postage.

Mixed media collage on A4 envelopes, posted in France
Price: $250 mounted (unframed)
Ms Francophile
48cm x 40cm

Mr Francophile
48cm x 40cm

  Edith Piaf
            48cm x 40cm   sold

Yves Saint Laurent
               48cm x 40cm      sold

Ms Marianne (Spirit of France)
                      48cm x 40cm             sold

Marie Antoinette
48cm x 40cm

Madame de Pompadour
48cm x 40cm

               48cm x 40cm       sold

King Louis XIV
48cm x 40cm

Joan of Arc
48cm x 40cm

Abelard and Heloise
48cm x 40cm

48cm x 40cm

Artist’s statement - Dominique Oberhauser

Lumières from Siena 

The idea for this exhibition came after I visited the medieval town of Siena in Italy. Inside Siena cathedral is the Piccolomini library with the most beautiful collection of 16th century illuminated choir books.

As an illuminator, it was such an inspiring moment that I decided I would recreate, in my own style, a selection of these choir books paintings, adding music notes as decoration to share a little bit of Siena with you in Tasmania.

Medium: gold leaf 23 kt, pigments and gouache
Price range: $390 - $550 (framed)

        Letter A - Story of the barren fig tree
    26cm x 26cm
                         $490           sold
Initial M - The Confession
27cm x 28cm

Initial L with bird
22cm x 22cm
                 $390          sold

Flowered Initial C
27cm x 28cm

Initial C - Visitation
23cm x 23cm
              $420        sold

Initial R - Gregory's Visioin
26cm x 27cm

       Initial C - Workers in the vineyard
     24cm x 24cm
                     $420         sold

Initial S - St Martin gives his cloak
28cm x 29cm
                     $450              sold
Flowered Initial M
26cm x 26cm

Initial P - Nativity
26cm x 30cm
                     $450             sold

Italian icon style Madonna
20cm x 28cm
          $550    sold

'Mélange de deux'  starts this Thursday,1st November and runs until 21st November with the 'opening' on Friday, 2nd November at 5.30pm.  We hope you can come and join in the celebrations.  All Welcome!

In the meantime, if you see anything you like, we happily pack and send interstate and overseas.

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