An interview with new member Frances O'Brien...

We are very happy to welcome our newest member, Frances O'Brien to Inka Gallery and pleased she stumbled across our "artists wanted" sign in the window!
From etching to painting, still life to landscape, Frances brings a broad range of styles, mediums and subject matter to the gallery.
To find out a bit more about Frances, read her interview below and enjoy looking at just  a few examples of her works...
What made you choose to be a part of Inka Gallery?
I had recently moved to Hobart in early 2012 from the NW Coast of Tasmania and I was looking for a gallery in Salamanca to exhibit my art.
One day, not long after I had moved, I met up with my old school friend, Lyndie and we met for coffee at Salamanca. As we walked past Inka gallery, a sign said “artists wanted.” Lyndie pointed, I enquired, and that was the beginning of my life at Inka.
Salamanca hums with history and is one of my favourite haunts, so it enriches my life to put my art roots down here.

What is your background, and how did you get started?
As a ninth generation Tasmanian, I definitely have an “islander” outlook on life. This draws me to coasts, rivers, and wild places whenever I travel. For many years, I have sketched in pen, ink or pencil, taking my kit with me on my camping trips or when I travel.
Most recently, I attended classes with Gerry Jensen in Devonport, NW Tasmania for three years. Gerry inspired me to explore the versatility of different mediums and it was during this time that my love for colour expanded.
Prior to this, I had studied for two and a half years at TAFE, until 2003, doing a diploma in Art, Craft and Design. During the course, I focused on printmaking and drawing. Many workshops along the way have influenced my works. Some of these were with Gerry Jensen,  Kit Hiller, Nigel Lazenby and Karlyn Holman.

 Which other artists and areas of life inspire your artwork?
I enjoy the impressionist painters, the Australian Heidelberg School artists, Tasmanian colonial painters such as Piguenit, and print makers like Margaret Preston, Kit Hiller and Salvatore Zofrea. However there is not one particular artist whose style I endeavour to emulate.
Inspirations for my artwork come from pattern and form in nature. Patterns and colour in tree bark, leaf litter, raindrops, early morning dew on a flower petal, a feather fallen on to wet sand all inspire me to see beyond the every day and into the natural world.
My garden is a daily source of inspiration for my painting and drawing.

 What is your favourite subject matter and medium?
Drawing from nature, I am inspired to draw and paint still life using seasonal fruit. The sketches and photos I take while travelling and bushwalking, inspire my acrylic paintings and pastel drawings.
I like to diversify and have moved from printmaking on paper and cloth to watercolour and ink sketching. At present, I enjoy doing acrylics and pastel drawings.
Do you have other creative talents besides producing artworks?
My main creative talent other than art, lies with my love of gardening and family.
It gives me great pleasure to grow and cook produce from my own garden, with its variety of organic herbs, vegetables and fruit.
What do you hope to gain by being a member of Inka Gallery?
Within Inka, I look forward to gaining inspiration from other artists, and learning the essentials of how an artist co-operative works.  Inka also gives the opportunity to showcase my work in a great location in the Salamanca precinct.

We wish Frances a very long and happy stay with Inka!  We feel sure that she'll be an asset to the gallery with all her enthusiasm and ideas and look forward to seeing all her new works hitting the shelves very soon!
In the meantime, pop down to the gallery where you can see some of her stunning works on the 'black wall'.  (see previous post)

Our current exhibition 'Mélange de deux' continues until 21st November...see previous posts to view artworks and photos of recent opening.