Gallery Review

Artist Deb St Leger gives a review of our current exhibitions:

Bronwen Jones Exhibition Towards North  has the feeling of a meditation on the view from her house in West Hobart. These vistas capture those mystical times of day, dawn and dusk, when the nebulous light dissolves shape and form, the brilliant skies display their dramatic cloud formations and the subtle hues and tones gently shift and fade.

The sensitive observations, and Bronwen's skill in handling her medium, render these small canvases as tiny windows to expansive and moody landscapes. The low horizon line in works like Towards North create a sense of sweeping space, distant horizon and grand dramatic skies, while the deep rich tones of Mars Violet Night turn the moon and night lights into luminous jewels flickering and dissolving into the depths of a still night.
Bronwens' modest, yet emotively intriguing landscapes are on display at Inka Gallery until Wednesday 9 April.

 The Black Wall features Steph Parkyn and Deb St Leger
Steph has two pastel drawing of familiar street scenes, these drawings have strong tonal definitions with distinctively vivid colours and soft pastel edges. Steph can re-present these everyday scenes with a vitality  and insight creating an alternative vision to our urban environment. While Deb St Leger has gone completely dotty.