Towards North

Beautiful and haunting oil paintings of atmospheric evening skies above Hobart by Bronwen Jones

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Artist Statement

Towards North

On returning home every day I gaze out at this view which stretches from the sparkling waters of the Derwent to the distant hills beyond the northern suburbs of Hobart. Transformed at night into an array of twinkling lights, this view is both reassuringly the same yet different every day. Depending on the weather, dramatic skies can become the dominant feature above the constant backdrop of the horizon.

At other times shrouded in summer heat haze, crisp winter dawn, and cold winter nights, the view presents itself as a reminder of what is beautiful in the mundane suburban vista. The process of looking and looking again at the same view can reveal a depth and complexity not noticed in a cursory glance.

Too often we can forget what is right in front of us. Forget to look up, to reconsider and to embrace the beauty in where we are. Never the same, always changing, looking beyond the horizon, looking towards north.

 Bronwen Jones
March 2014

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