Frances Mollison

Inka Gallery presents

Feathers and Flight 

an exhibition by

Frances Mollison

Thursday 22 May - Wednesday 11 June 

You are welcome to join us for the 

Opening Celebration 
Friday 23rd May at 5.30pm

Feathers and Flight

In the linocut images in this exhibition, the phoenix is used as a representative of regeneration. In Greek mythology, the phoenix rises from the ashes of its’ predecessor. This long-lived bird dies by fire and symbolizes renewal, sun, time, and resurrection.
Often the bird was depicted with a nimbus around its’ head, showing the connection with the sun so I have chosen gold paint to symbolize the sun.
Feathers are used in many cultures and ceremonies and have deep mythology attached to them for many societies. They are often used in elaborate costume design. Noblewomen of the Ming Dynasty used Kingfisher feathers to make heavily decorated headdresses, which were also worn by brides.
Feathers invoke a sense of mystery and invite your attention in the most gentle but fascinating way.

Birds and feathers to me evoke freedom, mystery, gentleness and renewal.

"The Phoenix and the Four Directions"
by Frances Mollison
32cm x 32cm

" Phoenix Rising"
by Frances Mollison
19cm x 21cm ( unframed)

 "Golden Phoenix"
by Frances Mollison
Linocut and gold paint on 100% cotton
72cm x 50cm ( Unframed )

" Feather Halo"
by Frances Mollison
27cm x 27cm

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