Frances Mollison

Feathers and Flight
An exhibition by Frances Mollison
until Wednesday 11th June

The feathers and flight in this exhibition belong to the realm of magic and myth. Frances has themed it around the enigmatic phoenix motif and uses a simple linocut technique which gives it a striking visual effect. The Phoenix works are almost devoid of colour and rely on dramatic tonal contrasts, motif design and  pattern repetition for structure and effect. "Golden Phoenix"  presents a calm majestic patterned surface, while the careful positioning of repeated motifs in "Phoenix Feathers" creates movement and energy. In contrast "Ibis Moon 1" a screen print on calico, relies on colour intensity and relationships for its success. The exhibition has been created with simple motifs, techniques and structure but its meanings are multi-layered, complex and mythologically driven. The exhibition has a feeling of stately elegance with  underlying  themes of mystery, promise and renewal.

On the Black Wall there are three small works by Rosanne Bender and oil paintings by John Karafyllis.
Rosannes little floral works are bursting with vivacious energy and joy. They are carefully crafted mixed media works displaying a subtle integration of colour, image and texture, with a final layer of drawing creating the perfect touch of magic.

While John presents his distinctive oil paintings loaded with strong tonal and colour contrasts and a unique air of mystery. In "Open your eyes," the grouping of the white cat, green bush and empty red chair concentrates the underlying mystery, while "Natural" could be re-titled "meditation on undisclosed secrets".

Come to Inka and be mystified by hidden secrets, magic and enigmatic wonders.

Deb St Leger
May 2014

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