'Chromascura' by Rodney J. Alexander starts today

Watercolour and pencil $200 - $650

Flights of Fancy...(click on images to enlarge)

Little Bird Collection...

Nos. 16,17,20     SOLD

We look forward to seeing you at the "Opening" tomorrow, Friday at 5.30pm.  Please see previous post to read about Rodney's background.

...and featuring works on the "black wall" is new Inka member Ann Menezies and Inka member Tina Burman.

Ann Menezies - acrylics and oils on canvas

Tina Burman - oils on canvas
To view more of Ann's work, visit: http://www.artistmenezies.tumblr.com/
To see more of Tina's artworks go to: http://www.inkagallery.org.au/ and http://www.tinaburman.blogspot.com/
Better still, come into the gallery and see works by both artists on our shelves!