Images from upcoming exhibition 'Visions...from the gardens of good and evil' by Ian A. Hawkins

With the exhibition only a couple of days away,  read a little about this artist below and see just a sample of his many artworks that will be on show in the gallery...

Artist's Statement:

My continuing love affair with the stage and my years of involvement with the theatre, designing and producing all manner of ‘stage-crafts’; sets, costumes and props – has led me, quite naturally - I feel, to produce works that are richly embellished and highly theatrical.
I also abhor waste…and that passion has helped me achieve a faux richness (inspired too, by Medieval, Gothic and Byzantine masters) by using found and discarded objects within the criteria of Collage and Assemblage.
For years I’ve collected dozens of pieces of fabric, buttons, lace, china, ephemera, jewellery, post-cards, calendars, stamps, shells, insects, braid and brochures.
This Isle, Tasmania, has been my muse; instrumental in enriching my creative talent. May I continue to be so inspired. 

Ian A. Hawkins

     Youth like the butterfly is Ephemeral     SOLD

           Homage to Piero della Francesco       SOLD           

Homage to Piero della Francesco (detail)

Madonna of the Swallow (detail)

Eden - Discarded

Banshea Bride 2

Praise him with Timbrels

Genuflection 1

The exhibition runs from Thursday, 7th - 27th July 2011



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