'Visions...from the gardens of good and evil' - exhibition on now...

Richly embellished theatrical collages and assemblages inspired by Medieval, Gothic and Byzatine Masters make up this wonderful exhibition by Ian A. Hawkins...

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Nos. 6, 8, 9  SOLD

Nos. 10, 16  SOLD

Nos. 24, 28, 29   SOLD

...the Exhibition runs until 27th July.

Featuring on the "black wall" are Inka Members, Alicja Boyd and Felicity Edwards
To view more of Felicity's work, visit: http://www.inkagallery.org.au/
and to see more of Alicja's go to: http://www.alicja-boyd.blogspot.com/

by Alicja Boyd

by Felicity Edwards

We look forward to Felicity's solo exhibition in just a couple of months.  Alicja's exhibition isn't too far away either, starting early in the New Year.  
We'll keep you posted!!  In the meantime, come into the gallery and see their other works on the shelves too.