Images from upcoming exhibition 'Drawn to the Detail' by Emma McDowell

'Drawn to the Detail' is the perfect title to describe Emma McDowell's solo exhibition.  Her meticulous attention to detail is evident in her pencil drawings below... 

The exhibition starts this Thursday and we look forward to seeing you at the 'Opening' on Friday, 2nd December at 5.30pm.  All welcome!

Price range $350 - $1,350
Shene Stables tower, 'Shene Tasmania', Pontville         SOLD
Artist's Statement
Drawing has been a favourite pastime since I was young and I can still recall that moment when I was around seven years old where I completed a drawing and felt that it would be a lifelong activity. The subject matter was always varied but during my late teens I developed an interest in stone and chose to draw headstones from old cemeteries for my year twelve art exhibition. This was considered a little dark by friends and family but it was simply a connection with the stone masonry and its beauty. I found the textures, layers and shadows cast by stone that had been carved leant itself very well to my style of drawing and allowed for the use of various grades of lead pencil to create depth and differing shades of light.


Ross Uniting Church, Church Street, Ross         SOLD
 I spent the following fourteen years focussing on the completion of an Arts Degree and a Diploma of Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing whilst working in a number of interesting jobs. I had not done much drawing over that time but when I moved to Tasmania in 2005 I found myself drawn to the old buildings and noticed a prevalence of Georgian and Colonial architecture which rekindled my love of stone, particularly the convict-carved sandstone. I entered a couple of local art competitions where the themes enabled me to draw sections of the old buildings in Tasmania and so began my desire to continue to capture their beauty on paper. 
Lower level entrance to the Guard Tower, Port Arthur Historic Site, Port Arthur
My drawings for this exhibition pay homage to and are a document of the craftsmanship of these wonderful old buildings and the purpose or intent is to draw people’s attention to the detail and time spent in their construction.

Uniting Church, High Street, Oatlands

Shene Stables window 'Shene Tasmania', Pontville    SOLD

Entrance to Shene Stables tower, 'Shene Tasmania', Pontville   SOLD

Steps at St. David's Park        SOLD
56 Montpelier Retreat, Battery Point, Hobart         SOLD
Storage door, Wooby's Lane, Salamanca Place, Hobart    SOLD

Georgian cottages, Napoleon Street, Battery Point  SOLD

The exhibition runs from Thursday, 1st - 21st December 2011