Erin Amor exhibits Internal Chaos

Erin Amor
Internal Chaos
until 30th April

Erin Amor's Exhibition:
Internal Chaos:

Erin Amor has presented us with portraits of a very different hue. Highly individual and potent faces confront the viewer with complex layering of psychological states. The works are modest in scale but intricate and highly imaginative in there execution. There is nothing superfluous, all the detailing and colourful liquid washes underpin the meaning and  intensify the emotive qualities expressed by the faces. The faces are the focal point of each work, some are silent and frozen, others drift, withdrawn in their self-contained liquid states, while others return your gaze with terrifying intensity.  

Internal Chaos  project potent psychological states framed and restrained by the white frames - caged but not contained. Come and engage with these challenging personalities they are well worth the journey. The exhibition continues until April 30th.

Deb St Leger 

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