May Sale Inka Artists

inka Gallery inc presents the
an exhibition of art works by
inka Gallery inc member Artists


UPSTAIRS in the STUDIO GALLERY Level 2 Salamanca Arts Centre, (up the stairs from the Long Gallery) Framed art work by Inka Artists
Thursday 1st May - Saturday 31st May
DOWNSTAIRS at INKA GALLERY Shop 16/77 Salamanca Place
Unframed art work by Inka Artists
Thursday 1st May - Wednesday 21st May

Please join us for the
Opening Celebration 
on Friday 2nd May at 5.30pm
Upstairs in the Studio Gallery and Downstairs at Inka Gallery
Opening Hours:   Mon-Sat 10.00 am - 5.00 pm,
                            Sun 10.00 am - 3.00 pm

MAY SALE Artworks preview

Tuscan Sun
Alicja Boyd
Acrylic on Canvas
91 cm x 76 cm

All Gummed Up
John Faircloth
Digital Fine Art Print

Deborah St Leger
Acrylic on Canvas
120 cm x 90 cm

Music Mask
Jane Holmes
Acrylic and Collage
30 cm x 26 cm

Nothofagus Gunnii Dream
Rosanne Bender
Giclee' print on Fine Art Rag, Hand Coloured
23cm x 23 cm

Inka Gallery is proud to be a participant in the COLLECT art purchase scheme for interest free loans to purchase Tasmanian art. 

The COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme offers Australian residents twelve month interest-free loans to purchase artworks by contemporary Tasmanian artists, from select arts businesses across the state. It is an initiative of arts@work, the arts industry development unit of the Tasmanian Government. 

How much can I borrow?

The minimum amount you can borrow is $750 and the maximum is $7875. The minimum retail price for an artwork able to be purchased using a COLLECT loan is $400, so you will need to buy at least two $400 artworks to be eligible for a $750 loan. There are no application or administrative fees. 

Ask us about eligible works!