Inka on the Waterfront at Derwent Sailing Squadron

Inka on the Waterfont at DSS
at the Derwent Sailing Squadron
23 Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay

For two months, Inka Gallery is pleased and excited to be exhibiting a selection of artworks by Inka Gallery Artists
29th April - 4th July

Please join us for the
Exhibition Opening Celebration 
on Thursday 8th May at 6.00 pm
at the Derwent Sailing Squadron

Derwent Sailing Squadron
Opening Hours:  Mon - Fri 9.00 - 5.00
                          Fri & Sat Evenings

Tall and Tender
Lana Nelson
81 cm x 55 cm

Rosanne Bender
Photograph on Fine Art Rag
95 cm x 95 cm

Cape Bruny
John Faircloth
Limited Edition Archival Print
55 cm x 75 cm

On The Derwent 1
Alicja Boyd
Acrylic on Canvas
46 cm x 91 cm

At Rest
Frances O'Brien
Watercolour on rolled linocut background

John Karafyllis
Oil on Canvas
76 cm x 100 cm
$ 950

Line Honours Entourage
Lana Nelson
27 cm x 45 cm

Derwent Sailing Squadron Map 

Inka Gallery is proud to be a participant in the 
COLLECT art purchase scheme for interest free loans to purchase Tasmanian art. 

The COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme offers Australian residents twelve month interest-free loans to purchase artworks by contemporary Tasmanian artists, from select arts businesses across the state. It is an initiative of arts@work, the arts industry development unit of the Tasmanian Government. 

How much can I borrow?

The minimum amount you can borrow is $750 and the maximum is $7875. The minimum retail price for an artwork able to be purchased using a COLLECT loan is $400, so you will need to buy at least two $400 artworks to be eligible for a $750 loan. There are no application or administrative fees. 

Ask us about eligible works!